Susan helped us to realize that Ginger didn’t have a behavior problem, but an anxiety problem.

After 6 months with our new adoptee Ginger, I thought she was not only a nightmare on a leash, but that I was destined for a shoulder injury!  My husband said she was “un-trainable!”  I was short on time and on patience, so I set up 10 day-training classes with Susan.  Wow!  What an amazing difference!  Susan helped us to realize that Ginger didn’t have a behavior problem, but an anxiety problem when out of the house on a leash.  She was literally so scared and unhappy that she was bolting forward in an effort to reach safety.  Susan worked with us to teach Ginger to be calmer outdoors, to find areas to walk that were more relaxed for her, to find the proper leash length that gave us the best and most comfortable results, and how to properly correct her when necessary.  While a walk with Ginger is still work (corrections, praise and constant communication between us),

I have not had an uncomfortable or miserable walk with Ginger since we started training 3 weeks ago!  Susan also taught us that running Ginger in park areas on a long leash not only gives us a break from the “work” we do on each walk, but it also gives Ginger positive outdoor experiences to further her relaxation, command practice, and extra exercise, all of which help facilitate her ability to relax more when on walks.  I cannot thank Susan enough for what she has accomplished with Ginger!  We are looking forward to continued improvements!  I highly recommend Susan and Purely Positive to anyone who thinks they’ve got an un-trainable dog!

Ellen McCarthy



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