We heard that she was the best in town, so we were so glad to hear she was offering a Kinderpuppy class in our neighborhood.

Susan, anyone who thinks a well-trained dog is not a happier dog should come and see my two since your training. Walking them now is now a pleasure; I routinely even take them downtown Charleston without a problem and we go for long walks because they are so well behaved. When we leave the house I no longer get yanked down the stairs. I put them on “stay” at the top of the stairs, as I close and lock the door, on command, they go down the stairs, then “stay” again, waiting for me so I can descend the stairs carefully. What a change from their pre-lesson behavior! I no longer have to tie them to their food dishes to avoid dinner time disagreements, a “leave it” when one or the other roams too close to the others dish assures peace and over-eating by my “chow hound”.
As you know, I have had dogs all my life, but thanks to your help, I have never had two such well-behaved dogs, without trauma, to them or me. It is obvious that as they know what is expected of them and know they are pleasing me they are happy guys; their tails are wagging constantly. We are all grateful and thank you.
Kathy Heikes



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