If you have a dog or are thinking about getting a dog, I can’t recommend contacting Susan enough.

This past summer we adopted a collie puppy. Before we brought him home, I did a lot of research on local dog trainers and finally settled on two. After mentioning my search to a neighbor who has two dogs, I received a glowing review of Susan Marett at Purely Positive Dog Training. Susan happened to be one of the two people on my list, so I gave her a call. (I also had three other people over the course of about two weeks recommend Susan by name.)

Let me just say, if you have a dog who could use some training (puppy, adult, tween, whatever,) Susan is amazing. I purchased an in-home training session. Susan came out (on time!) and sat down with me for about an hour and discussed what exactly I wanted to address. I had sent her an email before our visit with a list of my concerns and what I would like to train our puppy to do. She was patient and thoughtful and explained what goals were realistic.

After we had discussed the key issues, Susan sat down with our puppy and began to work with him. Before she left, he understood “sit” and “leave it.” She even had our preschooler giving him commands. The whole visit was informative and we were so comfortable with Susan–it was like we had known her for years.

We have followed her instructions and have a well-behaved puppy. He sits on command. He stays and knows “leave it” and will lie down. He does just fine on his leash. We definitely plan to have her out again, or try to attend a group class so that we can learn more. It’s really all about training the owners to train the dog. And we learned so much from Susan. If you have a dog or are thinking about getting a dog, I can’t recommend contacting Susan enough. It will make your life and your dog’s life so much more enjoyable.

Georgeanne Cheung



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