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A dog’s nose definitely knows, and if you’d like to know about their noses say that three times fast then browse our newsletter below.

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Super Noses

Incredible super sniffers, our dogs’ sense of smell is “10,000 to 100,000 times as acute” as ours. No chance of pulling the wool over their eyes about the other dog we petted (or who we met last week either)! Watch a video about how dogs see with their noses.

Nose Bloodhound





Best Noses

What makes for amazing scenting ability? Scent detecting cells for one. We have roughly 5 million scent detecting cells in our noses while Dachshunds have 125 million, Beagles and German Shepherds have 225 million, and Bloodhounds have 300 million. Add in lots of skin folds which grab and trap scent, and long ears that drag on the ground and collect more scent — and you’ve got a best of noses winner!  Here’s why Bloodhounds make such great tracking dogs.

Nose Working Beagle






Dogs’ Noses Can

Rescue disaster victims, find missing persons and track criminals… And let’s not forget that dogs can locate drugs, find explosives, and even detect cancer. Their incredible ability to scent makes them valuable partners in law enforcement, the armed forces, and other branches of the government including the USDA.

Watch Out for the Beagle Brigade!

Nose Golden Butterfly






A Healthy Nose Is…

Cold and wet or warm and dry? Is it true that a dog with a cold and wet nose is healthy, and a dog with a warm and dry nose is sick? Nope! Not necessarily! Here are a few reasons that your dog’s nose might be dry (and most are nothing to worry about).

Nose Dog in Ocean






Protect the Nose

Can dogs suffer from sunburn? You betcha, and their noses are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and to skin cancer. To our knowledge, Epi-Pet is the only FDA compliant pet sunscreen. Take steps to protect your dog’s nose by following these suggestions. Need an organic alternative for sunburn relief?






“Nose” Art

Do you have little nose prints on the windows of your home and/or your car? It seems that the very best view requires eyes and a nose to the glass. Just one of the joys of having a dog, and one of the many ways that dogs say “I love you!



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